Cowgirl Carnival

This last weekend I was able to help my sister with my nieces 4th birthday party. The cowgirl carnival theme came about when my niece told my sister she wanted a Buzz Lightyear party. Now my niece is not a girly girl and my sister misses some of the girly things you get to do with a girly girl, not that we would change my niece for anything because she is hilarious! So she talked to her and they decided to do a cowgirl theme because Woody and Jesse were cowboys/cowgirls.

The whole thing turned out soooo cute! The only bummer was the weather decided it would be a good day to be one of the windiest days ever! But we managed to make it work.

I did a banner for her, in the Pink, Yellow, and Red theme we decided on. There were going to be both boys and girls attending the party so we had to make it work for both.

She decided to do a candy buffet for the kids and it was a huge hit.

I helped with the labels, pin wheels, horse shoe banner, and pennents.

She also had cowboy hats that we added a sheriff's stars to and bandanna's for everyone.
(notice the Buzz paper goods in the background, she had to add a little just for her)

There was also popcorn on the table for the kids while they waited their turn for the horse ride she had.

Here's the whole gang decked out in their cowgirl/boy gear.

We also had each child take their picture behind a wanted poster that I'm making into Thank you card, I'll post one as soon as I get them done.

It as all so fun to do. Unfortunately because of the wind we weren't able to set up the carnival games she had like we planned. I had made some cute signs for them but it was just not going to work. She had them play: shoot the can off the railing with water guns, pin the tail on the donkey, and a cowboy ring toss, as well as a ride on a real horses.

This is what the game signs looked like, bummer we couldn't use them. I'll have to use them for something else.


Kristy {the purple pug} said...

Extreme cuteness! I love the bandanas on the dessert table. The pinwheels look adorable.Love.

Brittney said...

Wonderful job Tiff! I love it! You are a very very talented cowgirl!

Dacia said...

Another creatively cute party!

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