new look

So what do we think? I just wasn't happy with the look of my blog, too much yellow. I have a favorite digital scrapbook designer, Kristin Aagard. She has THE cutest kits! I loved so many of her elements and really wanted to cute-ify my blog. I know it doesn't look much like a party blog, but this is SO more me.

I'm also hoping I'll be able to use some of her images on my party things. She has the CUTEST little frog and turtle that I can absolutely see using on a baby shower or a little boy birthday. Fingers crossed.

Oh and I still have a little tweaking to do to my background, I've got to get that swirl out of the way so you can read the post, so working on that not to worry. : )


Dacia said...

You're not only talented on paper, but now on the screen as well! Love the look. You might have to spiff up mine too :)

Chelle said...

I love it! It's sooo cute!

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