Lady bug Party idea board

Because I am the way I am I have already decided on a theme and started collecting ideas for my girls birthday party this year (in October).

I thought I could go through what I've found so far and maybe that would inspire me more or someone out there would have some more fabulous ideas. I'll try and site my findings best I can.

First of course they will need party hats just for them and of course for the rest of the guests. I'm hoping to find some red polka dot paper and use black marabu and polka dot ribbons. I found this SUPER cute out fit at Miacarina. I think it would be perfect for Holland and of course Ellie would need something as well. I found a black and white pettiskirt at Halo Heaven for her and I'll make a T just for her too.

For the favors I've found lots of cute things. starting at the top ~ chocolate ladybugs, ladybug pencil and erasers, ladybug pen, two different kinds of ladybug stickers, ladybug note pad, ladybug bubbles, and of course a net to catch them in. I thought it would be fun to put the favors in clear pail with a cute label and some ribbons of course. (not everything here will be in the pail, just ideas) most things I found at the Ladybug Gift Store. Also found some things at Oriental Trading and Birthday Express
When I saw this cute red and black favor box the first thing that came to my mind was that it would be fun to serve the kids lunch in these. Stick a cute label on the front with their name on it and serve with a water bottle with a matching label. The oreo suckers I thought I could make look like ladybugs and put a wrapper on them and a cute tag. I've found lots of ideas for ladybug cakes but haven't decided what to do yet.
I'm excited to get started on the decorations. I think I can make paper ladybugs to put up, a banner, pom poms, balloons, and I want to design my own invitation and all the labels and tags and a door sign.

So that's what I've got so far. Any more ideas?

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