Monkey Baby Shower

It's finally happened! I've been so excited to do this baby shower for a good friend of mine. We've been talking about it and getting stuff together for a month at least and to see it all come together was so great.

This is the banner I made for her shower. She is having her fifth child and it's a boy. So what better way to celebrate than to have a shower for her, because having five kids deserves a party!
We served one of my favorites salads from the "Domestic Diva's Party Cook book" (all recipes at the end of the post), strawberries and cheesecake dip, hot artichoke dip with baguettes, and of course cupcakes. The punch was the Citrus Sunshine punch. It was all so yummy!

These are the favors we sent home with everyone. Chocolate sprinkles in these cute tins. Also the prizes for the games, salt water taffy in coordinating colors.

One of the games was design a onsie. We used fabric markers and stamps to create a unique onsie for the baby. Mom picked the winner.
The other game we played was guess what's in the bag. In each bag was a baby item that started with that letter. Here's what we had: B-bib A-applesauce B-burp cloths Y-yellow rubber duck S-socks H-hats O-onsie W- washcloths E- electrical plugs R-rattle

The results from the design contest

Sorry I didn't get pictures of the backs of these they were really cute as well.

It was so fun just to visit and get excited about the arrival of this new baby. We are so excited for you Lynne.
A big thank you to Dacia for all your help.

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