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I had the pleasure this weekend of hosting a baby sprinkle for a good friend and neighbor of mine who is having her first girl. When deciding on a theme for this "Sprinkle" I was drawn to the bird theme that is popular right now. When I asked her about that and what she thought she was thrilled. As it turns out she is doing the babies room in a bird theme so this was perfect.

When I was gathering ideas I came across a lot of different options but most of them were more out "doorsy" looking bird parties, I wanted more of a crafty, non-realistic look. The colors I found from this digital color paper pack and I loved them immediately. (because of my camera you may not be able to tell really well what the colors are, sorry. they are red, hot pink, brown and a melon orange)

I love having parties outside. I also hate it. Love the atmosphere and nice weather. Hate the unpredictability and wind. But I decided to brave it and hope for the best. So we held this in my backyard and we were blessed with sunshine and low winds.

This was the sign across my walk to the front door.

The gift table and wish tree

The flowers are clips and were the prize for the ONE game we did.

Tissue poms every where. They were put to good use after the party in the baby's room.

I had these birds everywhere as well.

My daughter set up the chairs for me. It looks like were having a meeting of some kind, she does love order.

This is the food table pre-food and the banner I made for this fun occasion.

I also made these strings of circle garlands to hang in the awnings. They were super simple but brought a lot of color to the space.

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Anonymous said...

This sprinkle is INCREDIBLE! I am hosting a bird themed baby shower for a little boy in a month and have gained so many ideas from reading your post!

Where did you get all the birdie cutouts? I am dying to get my hands on some...


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