So I have a question for the general party public, what do you do with all the left over candy from the amazing candy buffets that I see? Do people really clean you out when they fill up their take home boxes? Anyway, I just have been wondering for ever especially since I always have food left over after my parties.

So here is the food table. I was pleased with the way it all came together. I think I maybe have to much going on on the table~thoughts? Like I said in the previous post we had great weather, maybe too great. It got to be a little warm and things started melting so it didn't look pretty the whole party because I had to bring things in.

Napkin rings

I ordered colored bread from our local bakery to match the party for the chicken and egg salad sandwiches. I think i should have said pale pink and pale orange because I got bright on both accounts. But it did match really well.

Always have to have cupcakes!

Water bottle labels. I can't believe I didn't get a shot of the other two designs I had, oh well.

So glad there was some salsa left over, this is one of my all time favorites.

Kate (guest of honor) brought a yummy berry trifle.

I spyed these dipped Oreo's on How Does She a while back and put them in my "must try folder". They turned out super cute, then I brought them outside and they melted in minutes.

My original idea was to do the dessert shots in shot glasses but I couldn't find the right shot glasses or substitute for that matter. So I used what I had, wine glasses. I did two different desserts in them. One was chocolate mousse on a brownie with whip cream the other lemon curd on angel food cake with whip cream. Both yummy!

Fun way to add a little more color and some birds as well.

Kate was such a huge help for her own Sprinkle. She and I got together to make the favors for the guests to take home. We made these cute felt birds in the coordinating colors of the Sprinkle.

So glad you stopped by to see the party. Hope you enjoyed it and will come again.

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The Purple Pug said...

So gorgeous. I adore the color palette. Love all the signage..It looks like it was a hot day...LOL! I LOVE the colored bread. I think it looks so cool. I did that once myself and it was not nearly as gorgeous! Dessert table is just fabulous.

Katie Lane said...

I told you they were great colors!! I LOVE it! Especially the cupcake stick things, too cute :)

Janeen said...

So completely adorable! Way to go!

Party Box Design said...

wow, you did an amazing job! I LOVE IT!

Christina@pluffmuddstudio said...

I love the colored bread! I can not wait to try that. I make the Oreo Pops for lots of parties, favors, etc. and the chocolate does melt really easy. :) What a great party.

Lindsey {Bella Grace Party Designs} said...

So tweet! I love all the details... great color scheme!

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Love this color combo! So fun and happy!

Dacia said...

wow, it all looks so amazing! Wish I could have been there! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity!

kim.byers said...

You did a truly fabulous job and I'm mentally noting the colored bread idea. Very fun!

lisalyn said...

This is one of the sweetest parties I've seen! I'm saving it and blogging about it! It's too cute not to share. :) I'll be linking back. :)

Shelley said...

So adorable!

Shelley @ http://divinepartyconcepts.com/

Nicole said...

You are amazing!I love everything about this party! I really wish I could've been there! Will you please help me with a shower I am throwing for my friend right when I get home in September???? Please??? :)

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